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                       My Mission Statement
My mission is to reconnect families through  sharing a meal together.​  I believe that through this simple act of breaking bread it is the most effective way that we can begin to impact our families, our communities and this country for change.  Think about this,food is universal and no matter what culture you come from... food is what we as a people use to Celebrate!  Food has the ability to Heal!  Food not only Nourishes the body but also the soul!  A warm bowl of soup or a slice of warm Apple Pie says "I love you"  like nothing else!  My Goal is simple and that is to help eradicate hunger in this country...one meal at a time!

May God Bless You Richly!
Gwendolyn D. Hatten-Dillions

One day in 1992  I walked into a local Grocery Store in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio  and saw a Sweet Potato Pie in the produce case.  The label read "Marva's Sweet Potato Pie.

"I said hmmm" and went on my way thinking... if this store is allowing someone to bring products in for sale perhaps I could ask if they would be interested in me bringing some of my baked goods in for them to try.

I went home and thought about my next step, then worked up the nerve to contact the store the very next day.  As God would have it the owner of the store answered...yes, I said the owner of this small chain of grocery stores in the Cleveland area answered the phone.  I immediately went into salesman mode and talked myself into an appointment to bring some samples in the next morning.  I prepared a Tarte Tatin  and Mini Peach Cobbler.  The store was located in a heavily populated area of apartments where you had singles or small families so I needed to taylor my presentation to suit the population.  Wisdom says... Know your audience!   The owner placed  an order that day and I was in business.   Two weeks later the owner of Market on the Square at Shaker Square in

Cleveland, Ohio recommended me to his brother who owned a store across town and I started delivering to both stores 3 orders per week...one oven and no mixer...everything was done by hand back then!

 I remember making a delivery to the store on Kinsman Ave in Cleveland,  there an older woman  was picking up a batch of my yeast rolls for dinner and asked me if my grandmother was the one doing the baking and told me how much she loved my products, by that time I had expand my lineup to include individual Custard Cups, Rice Pudding, Sweet Potato Pie,Peach Cobblers and Tarte Tatin which is a Caramelized Apple Tart and Yeast Rolls.   To the woman's astonishment she could not believe that I was the one creating this food.  I guess it would be hard to imagine... I was only 30 at the time and this food had to have been created by someone much older! I laughed and assured her that I was the girl making these baked goods.  Poo's Corner Delectable Edibles was the name of my business back then and my License Plate read "Delish"

I have come a long way since then but the adventure still continues and the passion for everyone being able to eat well is what drives me to continue to educate, nuture and to feed people through my gift!

 I have always had a love for cooking and have been cooking for my family since I was 12.  My grandmother was a fabulous cook and I got the cooking bug from her.  Alberta Marie has passed on but I am so grateful that she left with me a love for food and the ability to create through cooking.  Thank you Maymo! 

When I look back on my very humble beginnings I am in awe and wonder at how God has favored me and allowed me to share my love for food with the less fortunate through feeding programs and with family  and friends.  ​

I look forward to sharing my passion for food with you and I look forward  to sharing these delicious cakes and desserts with you and your family as you are now a part of the!


                           Better Than Mom's Family